miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Decorating my guess room with Colectible Doll!

Raggedy Ann @ Andy have been crowd pleasers since their conception in 1915 by dollmaker Johnny B. Guelle, who based his original design on a doll he found in his mother's attic.
There is something so endearin about these little cloth dolls with their re-wool hair, shoe-button eyes and painted onfeatures!. Ann in a gingham dress and white apron and Andy in blue shorts and re and white shirt and leggings.
In the 1030s, the little ragtops were produced by Georgene Novelties, inc. and the Volland Company. Some of the dolls were made with brown hair instead of red. They had long noses and a few different mouths. They had painted lashes set low on the cheeks and oversized hands. Andy had a hole in his chest where a candy heart was stored and Ann had a wooden heart. Mollye Dolls, another manufacturer, used a heavy outlined nose multicolored socks and blue shoes and was the first company to imprint a solid red heart on the chest.
The knickerbocker Ragedy Ann and Andy dolls were p;roduced from 1963-1982 and featured bright red hair and printed features. Today, Hsbron Manufactures this loale duo under the Playskool label and the dolls are available everywhere. During the 1920-1930 were so popular.

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